Brainwave Entrainment

Brainwave entrainment using binaural beats, isochronic tones and monaural beats layered with high quality musical compositions to aid you in achieving the state of mind you wish to be in.

Each track has been carefully crafted by either SurgingLife founder Stephen Frost or another the specially selected and highly skilled entrainment specialist. Flow your mind with greater ease into beta, alpha, theta, delta or perhaps even gamma using the SurgingLife brainwave entrainment music.

Gamma Brainwaves: 30 – 60 Hz.
Gamma brainwaves are produced and associated with states where perception, alertness and consciousness are at their highest. In Gamma people are said to be hyper-alert. The negative side can be one of anxiety, nervousness and fear though.

Beta Brainwaves: 13 – 30 Hz.
Beta brainwaves are produced and associated with states where cognition, concentration and arousal are at their highest. These are commonly said to be at the peak of physical and mental activity. Unless a positive outlook is maintained then anxiousness, tension and paranoia can become issues. Beta is the common brainwave state for most adults in developed countries.

Alpha Brainwaves: 8 – 13 Hz.
Alpha brainwaves are produced and associated with states that are associated with positivity, light relaxation, gentle trance and light meditation. In the state of Alpha tension and stress begin to slip away, allowing the mind and body to come to a state of positive calm and ease.

Theta Brainwaves: 4- 8 Hz.
Theta brainwaves are produced and associated with states of deep relaxation and meditation. They are also associated with the state of lucid dreaming and NREM sleep. In Theta creative inspiration and enhanced powers of visualization also come. The state of deep relaxation combined with the state where the mind is better attuned to absorbing knowledge, hence it brings the super learning state. Theta is incredibly good for stress relief and release too.

Delta Brainwaves: 0.6 – 4 Hz.
Delta brainwaves are produced and associated with states of deep sleep and healing. Stress slips away very easily in this state. Sleep is deep and dreamless. The Delta state has been noted as having a good effect in terms of healing on both the adrenal and limbic systems. Something which in turn has led to it’s perceived positive effect on conditions such as PTSD.

The tracks available via SurgingLife focus in the main on healing, relaxation, wellness and life improvement in general. As such there are tracks to aid with meditation, relaxation and healing. There are also specialist tracks including “Super Learning – Music for Studying” that aid with learning performance.


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Showing 1–16 of 19 results