Guided Meditation For Sleep – “Deep Calm”


The guided meditation for sleep “Deep Calm” backed by Solfeggio music and optional Delta brainwave entrainment, led by Stephen Frost, for deep sleep.



How To You Go To Sleep Fast? Just use This Sleep Guided Meditation

This guided meditation for sleep led by Stephen Frost gives you the answer to the question “How to go to sleep fast”. Lie back in bed or somewhere comfortable that you wish to go to sleep and then tune out the stress, anxiety and everything else in the world as soothing rhythms and soft vocal tones carry you off into slumber.

Guidance Backed By Meditation Music For Sleep

Along with the soft vocal guidance of Stephen Frost is special music arranged by him to match up with the energy and intent of the piece. The result being an audio experience which lulls you deeper and deeper down into a wonderfully peaceful and restive state.

Solfeggio Frequencies Aid Your Calm

As you flow through this guided sleep meditation you gently release stress, anxiety and other such things from your mind and body. Much of this is done as a result of the vocal guidance, a portion comes from the effect of the music too. With the Solfeggio frequencies adding an extra degree of potentcy so you can release on a yet deeper level. They do more than this too.

As the track progresses the frequencies shift through the Solfeggio scale aiding you to empower yourself into a greater degree of calm and wellness. As such giving you the ability to take even greater faith in yourself and your worthiness of good quality sleep.

Guided Meditation For Sleep That Takes You Deeper With Delta Wave Entrainment

For those wishing to flow into the deepest state of rest the delta wave entrainment option is available. By slipping into delta brainwave frequencies you gain the ability to access deep dreamless sleep and also a state that is profoundly good for healing. Delta is very difficult for most people to access, due to the fact that their minds are over active. Yet with the entrainment option it becomes far easier.

Guided Sleep Meditation That Works On Your Unconscious For Deeper Effect

When these rhythms are within your listening material your brain will pick them up unconsciously and flow into time with them. For some people it may take a little longer for this to happen, a little practice as with various things. Other people will just naturally synchronize with them quickly and flow out into deep slumber in next to no time. Peaceful and joyful.

Tips On How To Get To Sleep Fast With This Track

Just cue the mp3 up on your mp3 player, adjust the volume on your speakers, please use good quality speakers for the best effect, set the timer to shut the player down after the track finishes. Then press play if you hadn’t already, relax back ready to sleep and then flow away with the music and guidance of this soothing guided meditation for sleep. It’s that simple.

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