Guided Mindfulness Meditation


Mindfulness Meditation, relax back and release as you are guided through a peaceful meditative experience. Theta Wave Music is optional for those who wish for aid in deepening the experience still further. mp3 download only.



Mindfulness Meditation mp3 Sample

Mindfulness Meditation with Theta Wave Music mp3 Sample

Relax back, become aware of yourself and everything within you on an ever deeper level as you release and let go. Mindfulness is one of the best styles of meditating for anyone experiencing stress of any degree in their life. The increasing ability to be mindful of your thoughts, emotions and body with successive practice is a key point to being able to release stress and remain calm, composed and at peace throughout your life. This mp3 comes with the option of Theta wave music to entrain your brainwaves to a frequency which creates a wonderful meditative state, very useful for beginners.
Time: 30 minutes 59 seconds.

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