Guided Self Love Meditation with Solfeggio Music


Self Love meditation led by Stephen Frost to ease you heart and raise your self esteem and psychological wellness. Relax and be guided through increasing your self love with optional Theta Wave music to deepen your experience. mp3 download only.



Open up your heart and release everything that has held you back from being able to feel love. Cleanse your heart with this special guided meditation, going inside yourself and growing the sense of appreciation you have for yourself, which in turn enables you to give and receive love in an ever more effective and wonderful way. Through building your sense of love for yourself you can massive change your life for the better, bringing you ever greater experience of joyful living. Backed with special sound forms such as Solfeggio frequencies including the 528Hz heart chakra frequency and the option for Theta wave music this mp3 will have you feeling elevated from your first practice.
Time: 30 minutes 18 seconds.

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