Guided Vipassana Meditation


Vipassana meditation to soothe and relax, enjoy being guided by Stephen Frost and coming to know yourself on an ever deeper level. The optional Theta Wave music is there for those who wish for aid in getting even deeper. mp3 download only.



Guided Vipassana Meditation mp3 Sample

Sample Including Theta Wave Music

Pure relaxation and awareness. As you flow through the Vipassana meditation you become ever more aware of your own body, down to a cellular level with successive practice, and its level of connectedness to the universe around you. This mp3 can be a profoundly peaceful way to meditate, as your awareness increases your ability to slow down and achieve deeper levels of peace increases too. For beginners, or those who desire additional help, there is the option for having this with Theta wave music which entrains your brainwaves to a state of deep meditation, making the experience smoother, easier and more enjoyable for you.
Time: 34 minutes 28 seconds.

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