Homeostasis – Music for AromaTouch Practitioners


Music for the AromaTouch technique, developed by SurgingLife with practitioners for practitioners. This special Theta wave music brings your clients a more holistic and deepr healing experience.



Specially developed with and for practitioners of the AromaTouch technique, this soundtrack creates a deeper more holistic healing experience for both the client and practitioner. The embedded Theta wave music, special Schumman frequency and other soundforms carry the client into a deeper state of relaxation and stress relief, bringing them deeper into the desired state of homeostasis and the enhanced wellbeing that comes with it. Whilst the chimes give you as the therapist the indication to move on to the next oil so that you can completely focus on the client and their treatment without needing to check the time. 60 minutes – timings below:
1 Into Ease – 5 minutes to prepare.
2 Balance From EarthRhythm – 1m 10s.
3 Lavender Calm – 4m 30s.
4 Melaleuca Caring – 5m.
5 OnGuard Fortitude – 5m.
6 AromaTouch Peace – 4m.
7 DeepBlue Ease – 5m.
8 First Foot In – 1st foot 5m.
9 Second Foot In – 2nd foot 5m.
10 The Back Is Joined – 3m 30s.
11 Lymph Clear – 1m 30s.
12 Grounding – Relax time 3 minutes.
13 Onwards – Changing time 12m 20s.

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