Return To Joy – Shumann Resonance And Solfeggio Music To Relax And Renew


Return To Joy blends the Solfeggio frequencies with the Schumann resonance and optional theta wave music for deeply relaxing and meditative restoration.



Return To Joy is a special piece of music for relaxation or meditation.

It has been developed by founder Stephen Frost to especially help you re-center and bring yourself to a point of calm again.

The use of special soundforms, which include the optional Theta wave music that it was built around, it contains sound healing patterns that have helped many through the ages.

The full piece runs at 75 minutes and 36 seconds. During which time you are taken on an auditory journey of cleansing, reconnection and liberation. This is about helping you to reconnect and re-establish you. Through the carefully stepped musical forms you transcend your initial state. You rise above where you were before you began listening.

All through just allowing yourself to flow with the music and the waveforms which exist within it.

This is sound healing to revitalise you.

The Value Of The Schumann Resonance

The Schumann resonance is a key frequency for balance.

It is the natural frequency of the planet Earth, 7.83Hz.

Because it is the natural frequency of Earth it is a frequency we are naturally attuned to.

In the presence of this particular tone within music people naturally find themselves coming to a point of calm, as their energy system begins to reset.

7.83Hz Balance With Nature

This sound frequency of 7.83Hz also falls within the Theta brainwave range. Hence the intent of building this piece to be optimized for Theta brainwave entrainment. Of course you can choose to have it without entrainment. The chord on it’s own will still bring good effect. The Theta entrainment does however serve as an aid to deepening your experience.

At 75 minutes and 36 seconds this is a carefully orchestrated journey for your soul.

Maximising that effect in relaxation or meditation is worth your while.

Liberating Your Soul With The Solfeggio Frequencies

The use of the Solfeggio frequencies has helped centuries of people on spiritual journeys.

Regardless of what journey you are on, spiritual or otherwise, they can help you.

528Hz Is Just One Of The Solfeggio Frequencies

Taken individually they each have great merit. Indeed particular frequencies such as 528Hz have become very popular.

Though naturally, the greatest effect comes from the steady ascent through the entire grouping. When this approach is taken you gain the enhanced effect that the Solfeggio range has on your mind and soul.

396 Hz Liberation

Beginning with 396Hz you start off by turning grief into joy and liberating guilt and fear.

417Hz Facilitating Change

As you continue on up 417Hz helps you undo situations, bringing change to yourself. From where the process of transformation and the ability to welcome in miracles occurs at 528Hz. As you carry on upwards on your journey this spirals on through enhancing connections with spiritual family and in relationships.

741Hz Cleaning And Solving

At 741Hz, this further spirals up into cleaning and solving issues which have held you back. From where you become open to return to spiritual order. Then up further to connect with light and spirit.

Whether you are on a specific spiritual path, or just wishing to return to a state of calm, this brings goodness to you.

Through helping to realign you with your natural order, you can become one with yourself again.

This truly is the calling of joy beckoning you.

Theta Wave Entrainment A Recommended Option

While this piece is available without brainwave entrainment, its design encompassed the effects brought by entrainment.

For most people accessing theta can be challenging.

Most people spend the majority of their time in beta and occasionally slip into alpha when they relax. Though if watching TV, movies or listening to most music they stay in beta.

Theta is a deep and rewarding state.

It brings deep relaxation and a wonderful level of stress release. Things which lead to a great state of calm. Plus a beneficial level of healing as a result.

Hence Why Theta Music Is Recommended Here

By choosing the optional entrainment you help yourself to go deeper into relaxation.

You may wish to check with your MD if you have any particular health conditions first. Though generally, brainwave entrainment into the theta range is beneficial to listeners.

Relax Back As Binaural Beats, Monaural Beats And Isochronic Tones Take You Into Deep Relaxation

Whether you choose to use earphones of speakers these sound forms will give you the same great benefits.

Isochronic tones and monaural beats were chosen due to their suitability with the frequencies involved. They both have a a better response in the theta range than binaural beats. Plus they both work via speakers as well as earphones, whereas binaural beats only work via earphones.

Binaural beats have been used at certain key points in the piece though due to their suitability with the entrained brainwave frequencies at those points.

Everything has been carefully brought together to aid you relax deeply.

To reconnect with yourself.

To return to joy in a beautiful way.

Deep Relaxing Music You Can Meditate To With Ease

Whether you are a non-practitioner, a novice or advanced meditation practitioner this can help you balance mind and body.

For the non-practitioner you may find yourself just disappearing off as you relax back.

For those who practice meditation, you will likely find that it is easier than you imagined to disappear into a long serene, deep meditation. One that has you feeling very different. Very much renewed when you emerge from the other side.

Are You Ready To Heal And Reconnect With Yourself?

If you are then all you need to do is decide whether you wish to benefit from the optional theta brainwave music. If you are open to it then the combined binaural beats, isochronic tones and monaural beats can really help you shift to a wonderful state.

Once you have decided if it is right for you, then just select the option best for you. Complete the purchase and download.

Then ease back, slide into meditation, or just straight out relax and enjoy.

Return To Joy.

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