Blissful Detachment – Calming Meditation Relaxation Music With Solfeggio


Blissful Detachment is a special 30 minute meditation relaxation music piece using Solfeggio frequencies and optional Theta waves, to bring deep calm.



Blissful detachment is a special piece of calming meditation and relaxation music from SurgingLife.

This piece is built around the core theme of detaching from stress and negativity with ease.

Use for meditation, or just whilst sitting, to be deep relaxing.

When used with the optional theta wave music, that depth of relaxation comes with greater ease than usual. The entire purpose of this piece is to help you rise above. When you use the theta wave option then that can be achieved with greater ease than non-long-term meditators can normally achieve.

When stressed, becoming calm is a serious challenge.

This is available so you can vastly reduce that level of challenge.

All you need to do, is just ease back. Then as you flow through the 30 minutes this track goes for, just allow your mind and body to detach from worldly concerns.

Stress Release And Detachment With Theta Wave Music

Theta brainwaves bring deep stress relief.

With this they bring an ability to detach from stress in a wonderful way.

As you slip deeper into the lower brainwave frequencies, away from beta, stress slides away more and more easily.

This is one of the great advantages of using brainwave entrainment. It gives you an easier time releasing and letting go. It helps you achieve states that you desire to reach in a way that reduces the challenge in achieving them.

Isochronic Tones And Monaural Beats Pave The Way

Whether you prefer speakers or headphones you can achieve great results.

Both isochronic tones and monaural beats give full functionality via speakers and headphones.

They are beneficial over slightly different frequency ranges. So they have been combined here to give you the best response opportunity. When used in the way they have been embedded they make your brainwave transition smoother and more effective than with single entrainment tracks.

This entrainment method takes the challenge out of getting into theta brainwaves.

Used in this track the theta waves help you to detach from stress, to move into calm and relaxation.

To move into a state of bliss.

With ease.

Solfeggio Frequencies Aiding Deeper Release

The first three Solfeggio frequencies are beneficial for change and release.

396Hz Grief to Joy, the Liberation of Guilt and Fear

Used by monks for centuries this first Solfeggio frequency provides a foundation for cleansing and release. Helping you to move into calm.

417Hz Undoing Situations, Enabling Change

This second in the Solfeggio series helps you begin to move further clear. It helps you to shift events in your mind so that you can come to a point of calm and clarity again.

528Hz Transformation and Miracles

528Hz is heralded to aid with bringing transformation. To bring the opportunity for miracles. Having released many of the points that stress clings to, the positivity that can follow is indeed a bridge to these things.

The Solfeggio frequencies flow in progression through the whole piece.

Gently lifting and aiding you into peace and calm.

Into Blissful Detachment.

Whether you choose to have this track with or without the theta wave entrainment, the Solfeggio music is there.

When you opt to have the theta waves then you gain a very special combination.

Solfeggio Music With Theta Wave Entrainment

Each of these things on their own help with change, release and the achievement of calm.

When brought to together, they ascend to a higher level.

You face enough challenges in your life, so making things easier to return to calm is good.

Calm is the natural state.

This piece has been developed to help you achieve it with ease.

So combining the Solfeggio frequencies with theta wave entrainment, as intended during development, can help you get the best effects.

Make relaxation easier for yourself.

Relaxation Meditation Music To Enhance Your Enjoyment Of Life

Just 30 minutes of pure, deep relaxation a day can change your life.

30 minutes of proper relaxation can help you bring joy back to your life.

The use of Blissful Detachment can help you get the most of those 30 minutes. Even if you just sit quietly and allow your mind to drift it can help you to achieve deeper feelings of calm and peace.

If you choose to use this piece for meditation then even greater results are possible.

When used as meditation music this helps you to go deeper faster.

Bringing you to exceptional release and calm very quickly.

It also helps novices to meditate with greater ease. Helping anyone who is just starting their meditation practice greatly.

Many people meditate for years before they can reach theta.

With Blissful Detachment you can be enjoying theta brainwaves far sooner.

Just use the optional theta entrainment and let the isochronic tones and monaural beats lull your mind into this wonderful state.

Give your mind and body the release from stress they deserve. Let yourself slide into peace and calm with ease.

Use Blissful Detachment meditation relaxation music to become calm with ease.

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